About Us

  • History

    We started almost a decade ago, It was a collaborative effort among the Habeck family, who sought out to find a Charity in the Philippines and met with the founders of the "Big Hoop foundation, Keith and Pat Hooper. The Habecks were deeply moved by the poverty and suffering of the people of Talakag, Bukidnon, Mindanao as well the children from Payatas who were in dire need of medical care, food supplies as well as education. They sent Jojo Rivera who was working for them on Guam to Bukidnon to spearhead different projects to help alleviate the condition of the people of Talakag under the direction of Mr. Keith Hooper. The Habeck Family supported livelihood activities, seminars and training for the people of Talakag as well as furnishing the training center, thus giving them the chance to improve their lives.

    It was in the same year when the Habecks and Aviation Concepts Employees supported thirty seven (37) children, from Payatas and Commonwealth in their elementary education. Anthony sponsored one child’s education from elementary all the way through high school. This commitment to serving the community is something the founders and staff of Aviation Concepts believe in.

    In June of 2013, the Habeck's and Aviation Concepts started to rehabilitate the Social Development Center (SDC) for abused minor girls in Old Cabalan, Olongapo. They repainted the Center and made rooms functional to provide a more conducive place for the girls and young women. The same efforts were extended to Center For Youth (CFY), which is a Center for minor boys, providing the kids 25 new beds and repairing and painting of their facilities along with renovation of a new Chapel. Donations to the Center for Woman in Olongapo City to support women in need of shelter and their children, were also given.

    Wings of Change Charities, Inc was established in February 2014, in Subic Bay and where the Habeck's and Jojo Rivera are now leading the projects along with the loyal staff of Aviation Concepts for the community of Olongapo.

  • Our Mission

    To support best practices in the care and development of youth & women residing in shelters, assist the disadvantaged in the community of Olongapo City and around the country of the Phillippines.

  • Our Goals

    Working in concert with the local government Wings of Change supports:

    • The development of well trained, caring staff who competently execute their responsibilities.
    • The establishment and maintenance of safe and well-kept facilities.
    • Maintaining activities that effectively promote the physical, social, emotional, educational and spiritual well-being of the youth and women residing at the shelters.
    • Organized, efficient and effective administrative practices.
    • Expand our assistance to the community and elsewhere around the country, to help where we can, by providing solutions that help struggling families cope with their problems, source donations for them, match volunteers to help sustain the efforts needed. Provide love and support to strengthen the Phillippine family.
  • Why We Do What We Do

    We do what we do because we are passionate about people. We understand future generations growing up will continue to suffer unless someone steps in and shows them another way to live and to help heal the wounds of their childhood. We are global interconnected societies that have many issues to tackle. We have to think ahead and find solutions to the world’s problems. Helping children and people in need gives each one of us an opportunity to share our life's blessings and to help our fellow human beings. For every negative there is a positive. Being of service is a positive that nourishes our soul.

  • How We Do It

    We are a hands on group of growing volunteers which have supported three shelters in Olongapo to help them become organized and well run facilities for which we can create a model for other communities to copy. We offer support by repairing the facilities. We create livelihood projects to generate additional food for the kids and women's shelter such as growing rice, raising chickens, tilapia, and planting vegetable gardens. In addition, we create livelihood projects for the families of the children and create training programs to improve their parenting skills and help them to develop other skills they can use to survive. The national and local government has created great programs to assist the people in the need. We can tap into these resources and put them to good use making it a win-win situation for everyone. We provide on-going training for the staff and children, teaching them how to cooperate with one another. We monitor donations so that they are accounted for. The donations given to us go directly to the project needed most. We have one employee who is the director of all our projects. Under the director, we build team leaders that organize projects and training, as well as support all the shelter staff. Our director is multi-talented and by providing him additional leadership training he can build a team that is efficient and continues to grow.

  • Projects

    The following are the projects which have been initiated by the Wings of Change:

    Assisting with Shelter
    Renovation of Shelters
    Dental and Medical needs
    Livelihood support for Families
    Food, clothing, computers, donations
    Basketball Court and Sport Equipment
    R & R Outings
    Small Business for kids:
    Halo Halo and Palamig
    Rug Making
    Culinary classes and Job Training
    Community Feeding Programs
    Planting of Vegetable Gardens
    Nutrition classes
    Developing Partnerships for Community
    Providing Spiritual support and Mentorship
    Medicine and Medical Supplies
    Partition Library and Kitchen and Steel Doors