How to Help

  • Make Donations


    Your cash donation can contribute to assuring basic, fundamental yet critical services are delivered. Sometimes, what is lacking can best be met through the purchase of services and goods. The needs of the youth and shelters are no exception.

    A gift to Support Schooling – Sending youth to school is challenged by insufficient funds for basic fees to purchase:

    • School uniforms
    • Registration fees
    • Project and book fees
    • Meal expenses while at school
    • Transportation

    The staple is rice. An ongoing and critical need is to provide well balanced, nutritious meals in sufficient amounts to prevent daily hunger and overall poor physical health. The lack of milk as a dietary staple contributes to poor dental health and compromised bone development.

    Youth living on the street, from homes of extreme poverty, and under the control of perpetrators have innumerable medical and emotional needs. Doctor’s care (both physical and emotional) and medicines are left unmet yet of critical need to address the immediate and long term effects of these conditions.

    Give Money

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  • Give Supplies


    The shelters cannot do it alone! Significant needs exist just to maintain basic personal care of the youth and the upkeep of the shelters. Additionally, the need for program and services enhancement is significant. Priority needs include:

    • Personal Hygiene Supplies
      Hand soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste,
    • Laundry and Cleaning Supplies
      Laundry soap, fabric softener, bleach Washing machine and dryer
    • Basic Living
      Sheets, pillowcases, towels, washcloths, Elastic waist shorts (no pockets), white t-shirts, briefs, bras and panties Flip flops
    • Education
      White board, dry erase markers Books – basic readers in English and Tagalog, text books-all subjects Computers, software, printers, ink and paper
    • Furniture
      Sofas, chairs, tables, fans, shelving
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  • Join Volunteer


    Individual attention and group activities are essential to support and develop the emotional, social, physical, spiritual and educational well-being of residents. The numbers of youth and women at the Centers fluctuates from day to day and week to week, creating a challenge to address the multiple and varying requirements of each resident.

    A volunteer can demonstrate his or her care and concern by being present in formal and informal ways. Listening to a child’s dreams and wishes, sharing a story, leading a song, teaching a lesson are all ways you can contribute. Being there for a youth or woman who has not had someone to tell them they matter is really all it takes. To find out more about how your talents, skills, and time can benefit the youth, please contact us.

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